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FreeBibleNow is a college campus ministry that shares the Good News of Jesus Christ to "every nation, tribe, people and language" by distributing God's Word to students in their own language.

Every year thousands of intelligent, young people from the United States and countries all around the world attend Universities here in the United States. Whether they come from Angola, China, Russia, or Zimbabwe, many of them represent the country's best and brightest students. They are, without a doubt, future leaders in their respective fields of study.

Many of these students come from lands where Christianity is suppressed, and when given the freedom and opportunity to learn more about God, they eagerly pursue it. They literally ask, seek, and find the most valuable knowledge they could ever take back home with them - the Holy Bible.

All of us involved in FreeBibleNow are excited about the opportunity to equip these influential leaders who come to our doorstep with the life-changing Word of God. Then as they return home, our hope is that seeds of faith can take root around the world, and grow and bring forth fruit.

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